"Enjoy the little things in life...for one day you'll look back and realize they where the big things."
We often forget what is important until its gone...
Story of my life..
I grew up on a small hobby farm in Brandon, NY I went through school trying find a successful career always thinking things must go as I plan them.. Well then, there is LIFE working against that.. And FATE.. That is Why I am in this profession.. I always had this little DREAM of being a photographer.. I used to pretend to have a studio in our living room I did not even realize I was practicing for the future ;) Then I became horse crazy and took riding lessons for years.. And along came more practice with my 6 month old colt Dandee.. A subject I could not resist. She also taught me not to give up. Then the final Straw.. My Nieces Grace and Hope.. They ensured me that this is what I wanted.. They have been the hardest subjects but they have taught me how to see things with a whole new LOVE.. "The LOVE of a family makes LIFE beautiful.." I fell in love with freezing those perfect moments that go by so quickly. I am a very emotional sentimental person.. My feelings get hurt easily and I cry pretty much on Command.. I always would hate that trait. I have come to realize that is what helps make my photos. I hope you feel what I was feeling that exact moment..
Its the little things in Life that are important..

I can't wait to help you frezze the important moments to cherish for ever.

Love, Martha